1000 conversations

4 Jul 2013

2013 Fieldays

Last month we took a stand at the 2013 NZ National Fieldays, and in the 4 days 1000s of people chatted with myself and colleagues. What a fun and creative process!

When you expose patent pending new technology you live in fear of a casual comment which goes something like this.

“Hey mate – great idea – fantastic, but I have bad news for you. This is not new. I saw this for sale/I used this, in 1980/1994/2008/last year, in USA/Uganda/Ukraine …”

Phew! …. in the 1000 conversations in 4 days we never had a hint of that.

A thing I have realized is that IP research online, or in a database is great, but another really great research tool is meeting and chatting…. and it is fun as well.