1+1 = 8

31 Mar 2013

KP Test Rig Local Mech

Ok I agree …. normally 1+1 = 2 … but in design detail matters …. really matters!

Recently I have been working on a patent pending invention to mechanically connect an outer tube part to an inner telescoping part.

Yesterday I revisited a design I had sort of abandoned 4 weeks ago, which uses 2  plastic parts in a carbon fiber tube, and I found this particular design failed at ~30kg of static load … not so good …. (Hey I am aiming for 500kg, and another design is well on the way there already)

But I was curious as to why the abandoned design did so poorly …… only 30kg ….. So I modified it a little:

  • I weakened one part, left the other the same, and tested within the same carbon fiber tube …. and it improved the assembly strength from just 30kg to more than 240kg….. (shown in the picture)
  • 1+1=8

Gotta love the surprises of design.

Only thing … Now I have conundrum …. I seems I now have two variations which work well …. mmm should I shelve one … but which …. mmm ….