Biz Model

This page is called 90%. It represents that Kiwi Patents is a business, but a business that has heart: Kiwi Patents Ltd seeks to bake a very big business cake – gigantic – and divide it up: 90% for the companies shareholders, and 10% for charity (hence the associated page on this site called “10%”)

There are a number of  keys here for Kiwi Patents: 

  1. Really great ideas, BIG ideas, for large valuable markets, leading to simple robust IP,
  2. Small solid steps in all key areas: IP, prototyping and business development,
  3. Open honest timely business dealings, including great communication with shareholders, staff, licensees, JV partners, or technology purchasers,
  4. Always make sure, in the deal structure, that licensee partners have an excellent opportunity to make a lot of money.
  5. Be aware that deals without goodwill and commitment from all parties are just paperwork and autographs!

When we do these things well the end result is very happy shareholders, and a nice contribution to society.


For investor/shareholder enquiry:

Simon Moore CEO


021 471147