Kiwi Patents has a number of patent-pending technologies in development.

Generally we are focused on simplifying the connection of parts, or of parts to the human being! We have less interest in product evolution but more in idea and product revolution.


Simon Moore CEO


Recent Work

Simon Moore is the CEO and founder of Kiwi Patents Ltd. A decade before Kiwi Patents Ltd, Simon founded Puku Limited and remains the biggest shareholder. Puku is a successful IP focused company, and has sold and licensed technologies to significant USA based multinationals.

His training is an eclectic mix of professional optometry, black-smithing, prototyping, business development, entrepreneurship, patent filing, and CAD design.

Simon’s approach to design and solving problems is to address each challenge with “observant ignorance“, and he is not afraid to ask the “silly” questions. A couple of phrases guide him in the creative process: “simple does it” and “the solution will be obvious”.