Kiwi Patents is interested in meeting passionate people who ask silly questions, want to understand and create the NEW, and to drive licensing deals.

  • We care less about what education you have but more about what you could know, could create, and your ethics.
  • We give away 10% of profit to charity, and like to attack third world issues as well as UI challenges for relatively wealthy American golfers, fishers and gardeners!
  • We call it: “Design with Heart” & “Business with Heart”.

Intrigued? No positions are available presently but lets say Hi  …. Email us via


Kiwi Patents Vision

Kiwi Patents invents, protects, and sells the NEW: amazingly simple ideas, wildly creative technical solutions, focused on the end user. We seek to be a proactive sustaining company with a fantastic culture, be ethical, have fun, seek simple safe certain deals, and make a lot of money, and give back 10% in meaningful ways.