Kiwi Patents engages in consultancy projects that are focused on ideas dangerous enough to lead to simple, robust intellectual property.

If your company is looking for implementation technology, or incremental improvement or refinement to a current product we are not for you  …. but if you have a big wild idea, or perhaps a whisper of one, and need an independent , “observantly ignorant”, communicative, and very creative partner to attack it, let’s chat.


Some Recent Work

In “connection” for the golf industry:

  1. 2008: Top 3 golf company licensed a technology
  2. 2011: Invented, developed, patented, and assigned “Flex-loft” technology patent to Nike USA     [ Patent   Video 1   Video 2 ]
  3. 2012: Developed a new golf technology to configure loft, lie, and face angle independently  - in a very easy user interface
  4. 2012-3: Top 5 golf company bought a technology patent
  5. 2013 (Jan): Worked on another confidential golf area
  6. 2013 (Feb – Apr): Worked on an adjustable and removable golf grip

In “connection” outside the golf industry:

  1. 2008-12: Self-locking fastener patents (3)
  2. 2008-12: Self-locking and sealing hose connection patent
  3. 2008-12: Helical connection patent
  4. 2013 (April – May): Working on simple modular scalable building system for sheet metal or plastic
  5. 2013: (From June 2013 and continuing to the present day): Conceived, developed, and launched a new brand of shelter: Initial sales are underway.


How We Work

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