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  1. Patents filed (& progressing nicely)
  2. Trademark filed & notice of allowance received
  3. URLs purchased (flexiroof.com and flexiroof.co.nz)
  4. Initial product development completed
  5. October 2013: Website developed: www.flexiroof.com
  6. October 2013: Initial test sale with v1 technology
  7. Late 2013: Continued refinement to design, focused of ease of use and further simplification
  8. Feb 2014: Test sale with v2 technology
  9. March to May 2014: Reconfigure design with custom aluminum extrusions
  10. June/July 2014: Launch to market

Flexiroof ™ is a premium sun and weather shade structure – free standing – strong and elegant – ready to be secured to your deck. All our products are designed to last more than 25 years, so there has been no compromise.

  • Polycarbonate sheet
  • Aluminum structure
  • Stainless steel fittings, fasteners, and cable

So about planning permission: For sunshade and carports – provided the area is less than 20 m2 you are fine – a permit is not needed.  [Reference: Building Act 2004)

So about sun shade now: A Flexiroof sunshade will be (1) more wind resistant than a market umbrella (2) more affordable than current polycarbonate offerings (3) more durable than a shade-sail, and (4) and more elegant than the lot of them!

Note: This technology will be available to license in later 2014 to established companies with international reach