Technology: Flex-mechanism is a simple, elegant and patent-pending way of joining readily available metal and plastic sheets in “self-supporting” arches.

  • Video: Here is a link to 2.5 minute “technology concepts”:
  • Application: Flex-mechanism is a “platform technology” and can be used for very large industries, and for applications as varied as roofing, barns, sunshade, aircraft hangars, new born lamb shelters, small and large bridges, and emergency shelter for the 3rd World, or tornados in  the USA.

Business: The technology is simple and our business model is equally so:

  • An initial e-commerce site to validate the technology and develop sales in direct competition to
  • License to international companies.

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For a quick bio here is some recent business delivery:


Selected slides on Flex-mechansim:





(Note: Initially the sheets will be connected by a profile – which in tome will be part of the sheets themselves)


More images here: