Invention got us out of caves!

19 Jan 2015


I heard an interesting interview today: The speaker was noting that pharmaceutical companies can alter the form of a drug about to “come off patent” thereby extending their monopoly ….

  • However, if a company really does find a leap in chemistry then I am afraid “good on them”, and they deserve a new patent – note the word new.
  • If not then it becomes generic  - and open for all to use.
  • This is the deal between the inventor and society.

The speaker seemed to be saying follow on patents are “not fair” …  but in reality ALL patents build from a knowledge base of humanity to some degree! If a patent is granted – by definition it is NEW – new to me, new to IPONZ, new to you, new to her … so to argue about this is to deny the whole basis of patents.

It would be nice to think of a utopian world where inventors invented for 100% altruistic reasons …. but if that were so ….. perhaps we would still be in caves?