Kudos to Gareth

4 Aug 2013

From time to time people have said to me …. “there may be a problem with capillary creep of water with this profile”

I have and remain skeptical about this as a problem, as everything is in very close contact when flexed down, and frankly I haven’t yet met water that is intelligent! and seeks to run sideways over 80mm, turn a corner , and run back a further 80mm, defying to gravity to just be annoying.

So in balance I have felt that gravity will have its wicked way! We will know soon when the first profile is available.

Ok so where does the “Kudos to Gareth” fit in then?

White S Connector with Sheets CUWhite S Connector ONLY CU with drainage channel in yellow _ U

Talking to Gareth the other day he noted something that I had overlooked: “There is effectively a mini-drainage ¬†channel where the profile turns back on itself”

(The mini-drainage channel is shown in yellow in the close up image above)

Other observations:

  1. The change in direction acts as a break in the capillary flow.
  2. The “drainage channel” ¬†will remain relatively open even when the “leaves” are flexed closed because there is a “beam effect” at the turn.
  3. The nature of flex-mechanism will have the free end of the leaf closing up very closely to the sheet.
  4. The slope of the sheet/profile/channel will generally be 5 to 15*, varying with the arc of the roof/shelter.