“Open Kimono”

27 Jan 2014

Opening the kimono means “revealing the inner workings of a project or company to an outside party”. It is a clever phrase that as it mixes a bit of sex into business speak, and catches attention.

Open | Closed

Open Kimono

The founders of such great web businesses as https://basecamp.com and http://www.zappos.com have opened their kimonos as to the inner thinking that has made their businesses wildly successful.

  • I highly recommend: “Rework” by Jason Fried / David Heinermeier Hansson and “Delivering Happiness” by Tony Hsieh, and the open sharing approach of Basecamp and Zappos makes me want to be their customer.

Closed Kimono

Here is an example of  the “closed kimono” approach …

I am a shareholder of a New Zealand company http://www.puku.co.nz. The directors of this technology company hold late AGMs, and provide inadequate & late information to their shareholders. This has become a pattern over the last couple of years, but this “closed” approach seems to be quite counter-productive as it fosters angst and mistrust, and is a disincentive to further investment.

So how does this topic apply to online sales?

Closed Kimono

Commercially some companies hold their price lists from online access as they wish to be secretive to their competitors. This is a mistake because secrecy loses them sales. It conveys they care more about their opposition than their customers.

Open Kimono

Recently I have decided to be “open kimono” about the current retail price of http://www.flexiroof.com product. Sure it will change in the future but FWIW below is the Jan 2014 price list for customers and competition alike to view!