People can’t eat patents

12 Oct 2013


Whilst Kiwi Patents is squarely focused on IP – or patents, and some wise companies may care a lot about IP for protecting and growing sales and margin, it has to be remembered that no one ever went into a shop and said “I want the blingblang with the most IP protection”

Nope we consumers just buy stuff – we consume – and as part of that we identify with, and trust brands.

  • To the consumer the brand is a lot more important than IP!
  • It can be said the brand is something that hints at – or shouts out: “This is ME”.
  • But it is more than that. A brand is not just shallow. It is a promise. A promise of cheap, or simple, or fast, or fun…. think Walmart, Apple, Ferrari, and Swatch here ….

Flexiroof is a new brand of sunshade and shelter owned by Kiwi Patents Ltd. I am enjoying thinking about what this brand will stand for … So far I am pretty happy with:

Flexiroof – the world’s simplest and most elegant shelter