The customer is always …

4 Nov 2013

The_Faultless_Quaker_Dishwasher_(1896_advertisement)  450px-Dishwasher_open_for_loading

Some say the customer is always right.

Surely that is a bit simplistic. It implies sales persons or companies have to suck up, or make what people only tell them they want (Whoops: New Coke)

But I didn’t want central locking, an iPhone 5, and a dishwasher in the past. I never woke up and thought: “OMG life would be perfect if some one invented a shamazoodle-clasper-dishwasher in cream”

We know most things in context. Guessing the future is not actually very accurate, so we muddle on. Live in the now. The future comes to us in a way …. when great ideas deliver things that cause us to  exclaim: “OMG Why didn’t I invent that – I need it”

I reckon the customer is one thing for sure – the customer.