To do or not to do

2 Nov 2014

There are things you can do and things you can do but should not do!

Over the last months customers for our Flexiroof™ shelters have asked for things we have not been offering …. Sometimes these are things we have thought about, and sometimes they have been completely new….

Some details are:

  1. Arch end closures.
  2. Inclined roofs, from above the gutter and below the eaves.
  3. A roof with a metal stay which passes through our polycarbonate – that took a day extra.
  4. Long spans …. longer spans!
  5. Cantilevers off the edge of a deck.
  6. Connection to a concrete recess for a commercial entranceway.


So far I would say of the people who have asked for quotes we can quote on 90% but frankly there are quotes we should decline …… and have declined …. Mainly for us these are what we see as excessive spans.

So……….. One thing that I am aware of is no technology suits every possible application ….. and that is to be expected …. and just fine!